Personal Readiness

First Steps to Personal Readiness
How to Choose
College and Career Readiness
College Admission Application Ethics
Getting Ready for College
Personal Readiness Checklist

Time Management
Efficient use of time and importance of meeting personal and college admission deadlines.
8 Ways to Take Control of Your Time
Managing Your Time

Academic Competitions
Opportunities for students to extend the knowledge and skills they have acquired through their curriculum subject matter.
Official UIL Calendar
Texas Academic Competitions

Nonacademic Factors
Role of Nonacademic Factors


Parental Expectations and Support
College Planning Advice for Parents
10 Steps to Prepare Your Child for College

Student Organizations & Clubs
Importance of non-academic activities in the college admissions process.
Extracurricular Activities

Staying Motivated
Developing Academic Discipline
5 Ways to Stay Motivated in College



One important component of being University Ready is personal readiness--your ability to carry out your mission to successfully complete a college education. In addition to a stong commitment, think about these questions as you prepare for higher education.

  • How are your time management skills?
  • Do you have a support network?
  • Do you know where to go? Who to ask? When you need help?

It is your individual responsibility to develop skills and good work habits during high school that will pay off long into the future. Use these resources to ensure your success after graduating from Plano ISD.